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I was in Japan from July 1991 to August 2003. I taught English to every age group. My registered name in Japan is Akira Moritani. In Japanese, the last name comes first and the first name comes last. My Japanese name means forest (mori) valley (tani) brightness (akira). The brightness is in the sense of light.

Friday, February 24, 2006



Stray not from the path on which you find yourself now.
It is your calling!
Report for entertainment and find the next American songbird.
Stand tall. Stand straight. Stay strong and true.
Love yourself. Believe in yourself.
Make your dreams become reality.
Reach for your full potential and then reach some more.
Dance your own dance and show the gainsayers how.
Sing your own song and drown out the doubters’ whimpers and squeals.
Make a splash and then make it bigger.
Show off your colours in your unique, beautiful style.
Show us all how the extra mile looks.
Stand tall and stand straight, Talented One.
Stay strong and stay true to yourself, Successful One.
You possess beauty inside and out.
You have arrived. Believe it.
Now, just take it farther and higher.



Oh, Beautiful One, may you find all the vigour you need
To complete all the things that you yearn to do!
You are America’s Top Model!
You are a Model of a Person!
Walk the walk and talk the talk.
Make it keep on happening.
Share your secrets of inner and outer beauty.
Continue to help the helpless.
Give a push to those lacking the confidence to carry on.
You have the confidence and success behind you to achieve even more.
Ride the wind of your abilities and do not fear what you cannot yet do.
You are America’s Top Model!
You are a Beauty Incomparable!
You are a Model of a Person!
Your heart is so full of giving!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Whom are you going to call?

Have you ever had one of those days when everybody seemed against you?
I made it through with flying colours!
When all else fails, call the police.

Thursday, February 16, 2006



Make haste to make it right, Right One.
Make haste to make it right for the One who awaits.
If you are there, then you have arrived.
If you are undecided, then you might never arrive.
Often, a departure is an arrival.
Sometimes, an arrival is a departure.
A short hello might be a long goodbye.
A long goodbye might mean a short hello.
Try never to say never, but always be ready to use the word.
Remember to say hello before saying goodbye for ever.
Remember that LOVE is a stepping stone to the great depths of your heart.
LOVE is also the only treasure that cannot be bought, stolen, or possessed by another.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Take a look at this story from People magazine and it is still onesided. It is only about Gabriel Aubry's feelings for Halle Berry. I believe that she finds him interesting, but I think that there is another man, for whom Halle Berry's bells toll.,19736,1159802,00.html

Gabriel Aubry might be in love, but why is Halle Berry so secretive about this relationship when she has never been secretive before. She has not even been secretive about the different ways in which she might consider having a baby. I even saw the Oprah Winfrey episode with that revelation. Why is Halle Berry so secretive about this liaison and not about how she might have a baby? I think that Gabriel Aubry is doing a good job of courting, but that he has lost to another. Who does not know where Halle Berry is filming 'Perfect Strangers' right now?

I have even read on the web that Berry said that she and Michael Ealy had broken up officially in March 2005 and that phone calls had stopped in December 2004. What report is right? This report states that she and Ealy split in October 2005. Different reports say that she and Aubry met in October 2005 others say it was December 2005.

If Halle Berry is not confirming her relationships right now there is a good reason and I believe that the reason is she is not with her true man. She has either to meet her true man or finally be with him. I believe that there is some obstacle preventing Halle Berry from being with her TRUE LOVE and her TRUE LOVE is not Gabriel Aubry. This is how I see it, anyway.
Presents are nice. Red wine is nice. (See link.) However, love is not bought with presents. The road to friendship or love can be paved with presents, but neither friendship nor love can be bought.

So far, the articles about this liaison have been too ambiguous and now are becoming more a public statement from Gabriel Aubry's camp that it is inconceivable that Halle Berry is serious about Gabriel. Until Halle Berry makes a public declaration of some kind, I cannot believe that the Berry-Aubry liaison is anything other than a professional relationship , in which some minor infatuation festered up and ended in Halle Berry's mind.

Moreover, why would Gabriel Aubry's camp use the age old ploy of trying to pull on our heart strings with observations about his family? This is old. Either this angle is rubbish --- and I think that People magazine is telling the truth --- or Gabriel Aubry is feeling threatened. This is natural with such a beautiful woman's love at stake, but why go to the PRESS without her consent or confirmation?

I also believe that Halle Berry will lose a much more suitable man for her, if she links herself to Gabriel Aubry for much longer. She will soon have to denounce Gabriel Aubry or she will forfeit the other man forever.


There are too many reports that indicate that the liaison between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is purely professional. Only Gabriel Aubry’s publicist has made a statement about the relationship between the two (See MSNBC). Halle Berry has refused to confirm that she is in a relationship with Gabriel Aubry.

Pictures tell stories, but not always full truths.

Here Halle has been reported to have refused to confirm her relationship to Gabriel. What could this mean? Are they just friends.

Why was it said in the New York Times, which is a highly respected journal and newspaper of our day, that Halle Berry was not at the Versace party for very long and yet other 'rags' would have it that Halle and Gabriel are actually lovebirds and were at each other all night? In pictures of an after party put on by Versace, one will not find Halle, but will find Gabriel chatting up other women. One such woman was Milla Jovovich. ( I am not saying this is wrong, but look at it as evidence against a Halle-Gabriel-hot-&heavy romance.) Halle and Gabriel are just in a professional mode only.

...and why did Halle Berry sneak in a side door, if she and Gabriel were a hot item? And why is there little or no mention of Gabriel? In some reports, Gabriel Aubry was right beside Ms. Berry.

Halle Berry is a professional and friendly person. Putting one’s hand on someone’s lap or holding someone’s hand does not a relationship make.

From Halle Berry’s and possibly Gabriel Aubry’s perspectives, the two of them might just be friends. Maybe, he wants more than a friendship and she does not. Good chemistry does not necessarily make a relationship.

Is all this about a man, who is courting a woman, who just wants to be friends?

What do you think?