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Monday, December 04, 2006


I am not going to say too much about this one at all, but everyone really take a look at the negative intensity in Gabriel's face. Halle Berry looks very cross with him. Maybe, Gabriel did something wrong. The shot of Halle Berry walking away alone seems indicative of something not being quite right. Take a look at these pictures:


Blogger Jim Dandy said...

Why are you still posting on your blog and all over the internet about Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry as AM or anonymous? No offense at some point you/Stuart need to let this go. You've been posting about them for almost a year. There are thousands of posts on many blog sites dogging them as well as praising them and they're still together.

Has it ever occurred to as a couple of people have noted on a couple of blogs, that the negative comments may even bring them closer together or what's keeping them together? Your posts may be pushing her away? Who knows?

Why do you post nice comments on your blog/others then go off on some tangent like on X17 over the weekend as one poster noted you posted the same stuff a few months ago? Why is it hard for you to accept that Halle is with someone else?

Have seen all of the pictures on the various sites of them walking and talking--I think you are reading too much into this because of your/Stuart's desire to be with her.

Also, with the new pix of them grocery shopping they look like they're getting on with their lives doing normal stuff that couples do.

It doesn't matter if they're not holding hands, hanging all over each other,etc. in public that doesn't mean they're not close, not in love or whatever.

Halle's not stupid she's a very bright woman, regardless of her past experiences in relationships, I seriously doubt she is making the same mistake or is with him to keep you/Stuart away from her. Regardless of how long they may or may not last, I think Halle is trying very hard to make this one work for ever long as she can. Also, seriously doubt the gay and drug rumors are true about Aubry as well as Halle giving him money for the restaurant.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope Vincent Cirrincione's office doesn't contact you or her lawyer's off to have you cease and desist.

Take care...

8:48 PM  
Blogger Jim Dandy said...

Forgot to mention, several people on the 11/30 X17 article slammed you. I am not being mean, that is not my intent.

Seriously, at some point you really need to let go of this. I am sure if Halle (regardless of what you have said-I am not an expert on the Canadian govt or legal system nor do I care to be) would be with you/Stuart if she could or was truly in love with you/Stuart. No offense.

Again, I don't think she would still be with Aubry if she/they didn't have feelings for each other for over a year.

I'm sure she/her staff reads all the posts and blogs so they know what people think or not.

You need to be careful...

8:58 PM  
Blogger Jim Dandy said...

The only have faults with the guy is that he probably wants to be more in the spotlight with all the glitz and glamour of being a Hollywood celebrity than Halle who's more laid back and down to earth, than staying home (at her house as noted in recent interviews/not their house--just a little sick humor)and his possible immaturity and insecurity because of his age.

If not he wouldn't have needed her to promote the restaurant or put gossip clippings of their relationship in the restaurant bathrooms?

In terms of the sex thing, I don't think it happens that often regardless of your comments or what she has made it out to be in article when she has respun the same garbage she said about Eric Benet.

Halle's in total control of that as she has been in all of her sexual relationships. It's kinda like the Rita Hayworth principal--all the men RH dated/married/slept with thought they had Gilda (the movie she made famous) and ended up with her.

7:58 AM  

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