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I was in Japan from July 1991 to August 2003. I taught English to every age group. My registered name in Japan is Akira Moritani. In Japanese, the last name comes first and the first name comes last. My Japanese name means forest (mori) valley (tani) brightness (akira). The brightness is in the sense of light.

Friday, September 29, 2006


True, great friends are more than platinum. They are rare and priceless. The market is out there, but the seeker must look hard and be very discerning.

One ad years ago stated that 'Happiness is a battery-operated Snoopy toothbrush', but I say: "What about the real thing?" What about a real big plush toy copy of Snoopy or an actual dog that looks like Snoopy?

Do not settle for facsimiles when the real thing is attainable. A true friend is someone, who will comfort you and support you through thick and thin. A true friend will bail you out if you need to be bailed out. A true friend will reproach you when you need it. A true friend will laugh and cry with you. A true friend will listen to you, talk to you, and talk with you. A true friend is someone, who wants you to reciprocate this same respect.

When a true friend dies, you feel a part of you dies,too.

With a true friend, you live your life to its fullest and live the true friend's life vicariously and involuntarily. True friends possess one another without ever demanding, expecting, or forcing this possession. True friendship is a symbiotic relationship.


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