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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Halle Berry is not pregnant. This is reported by Star magazine. I do not believe much that this magazine states, but for once the people of this newsstand offering really got something right. The short article is in the October 9, 2006 issue. Halle Berry was sitting with friends in a Vancouver, Canada eatery when an elderly woman came up to Halle and congratulated Halle on being pregnant. Halle is said to have lifted her tank top, patted her FLAT stomach, and said: "I am not pregnant. I think I would know. Hello, is anybody in there?" Turning to the woman she added: "You will be the first to know."

Stuart Bennett has talked to Halle Berry and they have confirmed their love for each other several times. Halle Berry was just friends with Gabriel Aubry. It appears that Gabriel Aubry simply wanted a sexual conquest, to which Halle Berry did not acquiesce.

Gabriel Aubry is passe.

Stuart Bennett may have some legal problems that have been foisted on him from many people and many angles, but he is smitten with Halle Berry. In her turn, Halle Berry is waiting for Stuart Bennett, who is another Canadian. Among other things, Stuart Bennett has written 27 image-related commercials for Revlon. Stuart is 45 years old.


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