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Location: Mission, British Columbia, Canada

I was in Japan from July 1991 to August 2003. I taught English to every age group. My registered name in Japan is Akira Moritani. In Japanese, the last name comes first and the first name comes last. My Japanese name means forest (mori) valley (tani) brightness (akira). The brightness is in the sense of light.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Spring has arrived with whimpers and roars.

A dusting of snow starts off one day.

Hail and rain ravage the land the next.

Sun, blue sky, and warmth greet the third day.

Lightning and showers roll through the next.

Waves of ever-changing weather broil.

Love can whimper and Love can roar.

Love can be like thunder or hail.

Love can be like rain or like snow.

Love can be lightning or blue sky.

Love can be the sun and its warmth.

Love can forgive or seek revenge.


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