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I was in Japan from July 1991 to August 2003. I taught English to every age group. My registered name in Japan is Akira Moritani. In Japanese, the last name comes first and the first name comes last. My Japanese name means forest (mori) valley (tani) brightness (akira). The brightness is in the sense of light.

Friday, April 21, 2006


I want to tell a secret

that I promised not to tell.

An actress loves an unknown,

but there is another man.

She is seen with the other,

but never with the unknown.

All think that she is dating.

No one sees the unknown man.

The Star is in the Heavens.

The Ant runs about the ground.

These two are so different.

They seem unlikely to meet.

Should Star try to visit Ant,

both Ant and Earth would perish.

A collision with a Star

would prove fatal to us all.

At last, I told the secret

that I promised not to tell.

I have told you everything,

but have said nothing at all.


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